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  • Avatar
    Jason Gurskis

    is it possible to customize the "Job Workflow" stages?

  • Avatar
    Eva Urban (752)

    I want to find the lost jobs report

  • Avatar
    Dan Poole

    how do i delete a job?

  • Avatar
    Joe Ledbetter

    when i customize workflow why doesnt that same work flow show up within the job file the only options for job flow are the orginal ones

  • Avatar
    Mike Elayyan

    How do you access the financials file? It used to be there under Select Jobs but it is no longer there and I cant find it.

  • Avatar
    Sheila Herron

    How do I look at the customer portal and how do I start implementing it?

  • Avatar
    Jamie Taylor

    I see where I can select multiple photos but I need to be able to extract bulk photos from a file to input them into xactimate. I can only select one at a time, make the process of building a supplement super painful. If there was a way to have the function of the three dots with a photo to function for all the selected that would be awesome. You can imagine how long it takes me to extract 60 photos individually.

  • Avatar
    Nate McKelvie

    How do i unarchive a job?

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Hansen

    They had financials on the left side and now it has disappeared.

  • Avatar
    Johnny Buczynski

    how do i only allow the database to be seen by certain sales people,
    for example if they are assisnged a lead?

  • Avatar
    Michael Johnson

    how do i update a custom email signature entry? I uploaded my written signature and saved it...

  • Avatar
    Mark Johnson

    How do I share customer web page from desktop

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